Red Flag in Nevada

Emma Goldman has been named Voter Protection Director for the Nevada Democratic Caucus. It’s nice that they realize the need for a voter protection director, especially after Iowa was so fucked up that a lot of people may never trust the Democratic Party again. It’s also nice that they’ve agreed not to use the Shadow app. And Emma Goldman looks like a very nice lady. She probably has friends.
BUT, she is a paid staffer for Pete Buttigieg, and if that isn’t a steaming pile of bullshit, I don’t know what is.
I know all my vbnmw friends and family think I’m paranoid, and whiny, and ready to call foul at the slightest infraction because I’m Bernie or Bust, but dammit, the infractions keep coming. It doesn’t seem to matter how much we object to their cheating, Tom Perez does not resign, and they keep on cheating.
Here’s my suggestion: if there’s going to be a voter protection director, then there should be a voter protection director from each campaign, and they should all be together all the time and all use the same equipment and methods, so nobody can sneak off and do something dirty behind everybody’s back – which I am certain they are planning to do.
I don’t know what polling places in America are like now, but when I was living there, each polling place would be staffed by Democratic Volunteers and Republican volunteers, who would sit there all day and drink coffee and talk about their kids (my Mom did it a few times, she was very civic minded like that)
I don’t know that it was a perfect system. I’m sure political cheating goes right back to the days of John Adams, but at least they were trying. I’m very tired of this “We can cheat, fuck you, haha” attitude that the Democratic Party is taking.

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