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Having a bit of trouble finding a good topic to write my blog about this Sunday morning. Didn’t write one last night as I was falling asleep in front of the screen. It wasn’t really late, I was just a bit too high. So, it sometimes happens. I tell myself that in the morning, with a clearer head, a topic will present itself.
Usually it works, today not so much. There was an article in the Washington Post, owned by the richest man in the world who hates Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders wants him to pay taxes, that directly called Bernie a communist. I wasted about half an hour reading the article and checking a few key points in Google and had a humdinger of a blog ready to go, with zingers at the end of each very short and pointed paragraph, but then noticed that the article was from 2016.
They’re saying the same shit today, but I’ll wait for a more up to date article before attacking on that point.
Should write something about the New Hampshire debate, but didn’t watch it live and haven’t really heard enough about it.
My bright news of the morning was somebody on Facebook (who I should actually know in real life, but have never met), who I’d previously had some discussions with about how she liked Pete, said she was considering Bernie because her children had asked her to.
I imagine that scenario playing out in millions of families across the country, and it makes me feel good all over.

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