The Backlash to American Journalism

Well, we’ll see in the morning (Central European Time) who won in New Hampshire. I expect a solid Bernie win, but after the bullshit they pulled in Iowa, I am very, very nervous.
I did see a clip of some part of the problem news guy interviewing a lady in a diner in New Hampshire, and she said she voted for Bernie just because MSNBC was being mean to him, which was encouraging. I hope millions of people across America are starting to take that attitude.
They should. Chris Matthews, who was once upon a time a respected commentator (I used to respect him, anyway, maybe I was naive) has come completely unhinged, with his insinuation that Bernie Sanders is going to be executing people in Central Park. The way he arrived at that conclusion was a clear example of the denial that infests the Democratic party. I’m paraphrasing here, but I’m representing the gist accurately. “I just don’t know what Bernie means by socialism. He always talks about Denmark. How Denmark is such a great place with their Health Care and free college. But he never talks about Cuba.” O.K., let me break that down for you, Chris Matthews. He always references Denmark (and other European countries, and sometimes even Canada) because that’s the kind of socialism he means. What do you mean, you don’t know what he means? He told you what he means. We know you heard him, because you just said it back. The reason he doesn’t reference Cuba is because that’s not what he’s talking about. You’re the one who mentioned Cuba. Matthews also said the Democratic Party is the only thing standing between America and the abyss, which is pretty comical.
Then there is Chuck Todd, who compared Bernie supporters to Hitler’s brown shirts, which is seriously over the top. We may be argumentative, but we’re not actually throwing real world, physical rocks through people’s actual windows. We may occasionally tell an obnoxious person to fuck off, on social media, but we’re not throwing people through windows. We may advocate solar and wind energy, and Medicare for All, but we’re not advocating the extermination of any particular group of people. (Billionaire is not a race. If you are a billionaire and don’t like our comments about guillotines and such, you can always give away some of your money to a good cause, and people will like you)
So, yeah, journalists should not be surprised that they are not believed or trusted. It’s what happens when you lie all the time.

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