State of the Race

Overall, I feel pretty good about the day in the race. Since Yang dropped out, I’ve been seeing lots of messages on my Bernie boards from Yang Gangers coming over to our side, and that is good news. Not just for their numbers. I have often noted their ability to mount a concerted campaign on social media, to speak with one voice, and maybe that’s an element we need.
A couple of others are out, too, like Patrick Duval. And, of course, Biden and Warren have pretty much lost all viability as serious contenders. Warren’s speech after the results were announced was downright embarrassing. She bitched at Sanders supporters for using bad language and said we’re ‘destroying politics.’
As to the bad language charge, I’m not sure what incident she’s referring to – could she maybe give an example? If it’s that occasionally we use curse words on line, then Liz Warren needs to get a grip.
As to ‘destroying politics,’ that sounds like a plus to me. Politics suck, politics is corrupt, and deceitful, and more often than not detrimental to the general public in every way.
We just want Medicare for All and a cleaner, greener environment. Nothing political about it.


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4 responses to “State of the Race

  1. Anonymous

    Did you see the one where someone asked about his poor performance in the caucuses and he asked if she’d ever been to a caucus? She said yes and he called her a “lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier”. Really!

  2. Dennis Watson

    Did you see where Biden called a lady who asked a question a “lyin^dog-faced pony soldier”? He really did!

  3. Dennis Watson

    I thought the first didn’t post so I wrote it again.

  4. Yup. Not the first time Biden’s made an inappropriate comment like that. Looks like he’s out of the running, though.

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