De Blasio’s Endorsement

Just read an article (well, I read the headline and two or three lines down before I got to the big box asking me to subscribe which, fuck that) in the New York Times about how Bill De Blasio is set to endorse Bernie Sanders, and campaign with him in Nevada.
Now, regular readers will know I have little faith in the word of the New York (weapons of mass destruction) Times, but I can’t imagine they’ve got this wrong. It’s not as if the NYT wanted to write a story about a major U.S. politician endorsing Sanders, so they wouldn’t have made it up.
It is a welcome endorsement. Sure, he endorsed Hillary in 2016, as she humiliated him on stage with her bad comedy routine, but that’s bygones. He’s endorsing Bernie now.
He was mayor of New York City, the same position once held by Mike Bloomberg, so it’s good to get that perspective.
It is great that we’ve got endorsements from Cardi B and Lizzo and Killer Mike, artists I’d never heard of until they endorsed Bernie (I am 65, pasty white, and not exactly au courant with the musical trends of the young folk these days), but we’re still a bit short on endorsements from establishment politicians. De Blasio is a huge step in that direction.
So, thank you for your support, Bill! Together, we will make the world a better place.

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