Are Gay Jokes about Buttigieg O.K. ?

Some people say “avoid the comments section, that way lies madness!” but I say the comments section is where it’s at. That’s were you find humor, and an occasional nugget of wisdom.
That is also, of course, where you find the large and seemingly unstoppable flow of ignorance, vitriol, and pig-headedness that is the mainstream of human culture.
It ain’t pretty, but it’s important to know it’s there.
Anyway, just now someone posted an actual headline from CNN that said “Sanders leads the pack, Buttigieg sneaks up the rear.” Now, that might not have been intended as a gay joke at all. It’s a common enough phrase, and we all know what is meant.
But, (or should I say butt?) in the comments section, people were going to town. It is a law of the social media universe that every pun is met by a whole wave of puns, because that’s an easy way to look clever and everybody in the comments section is an attention seeking 3rd grader at heart. I know I am.
Of course, the tone police came in. I’m a bit of a grammar noodge myself, so I totally understand the urge of people to come in and, instead of discussing the topic at hand, tell other people how the conversation should be regulated. So, I’m not criticizing people for saying “You shouldn’t make gay jokes about Pete Buttigieg. That’s not nice, and Bernie wouldn’t approve of that.” They mean well, and they’re not entirely wrong.
But if by some bizarre fluke Pete Buttigieg, the racist and not overly competent former mayor of a mid-sized Indiana city, were to get the Democratic nomination, does anybody think for one second the Republicans will avoid gay jokes?
They will be coming at us from every angle, 24/7, full volume, and they won’t all be jokes.
In fairness, the Republicans will have similar attacks on everybody. If Bernie gets the nomination we’re going to be hearing “Communist Jew!” all day long for months. But, Bernie can deal with it. He will keep explaining what Democratic Socialism really means, and so will his supporters, and the anti-semitic thing has its limits.
It appeals to Trump’s base, but most Americans don’t really hate Jews that much. We love Barbara Streisand, and admire Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We laugh our asses off at Ben Stiller movies, and some of us even like Adam Sandler.
Pete, on the other hand, does not have policies. At least, not any he has clearly articulated. So, the election will become a referendum on homosexuality. Which is not what we need at this time, and which we would probably lose.

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