Binge watching is a change in our lives which I would never have predicted. It’s different, when you swallow a show in big chunks, rather than in bite sized weekly increments. And I’ve been doing it a lot lately.
But, you also go through them too fast, like a pack of oreos, and they’re gone. We just finished watching The Big Bang tonight. It was pretty much the only show Helena and I could watch together. The Venn overlap of our TV tastes is very narrow. Occasionally I’ll get drawn into one of her dark Scandinavian murder mysteries, but she absolutely doesn’t want to watch any science fiction stuff or superheroes. But, we both liked The Big Bang.
A lot of people say it kind of lost the thread in the middle, and I can see what they mean. They niced everybody up a bit…Raj learned how to speak, Howard couldn’t be such a creep after he was married, stuff like that. They stopped going for constant laughs and added a bit of pathos. Like the relationship between Leonard and his mom. Yeah, there were some laughs, but it was a sad story.
I was O.K. with it. I knew the characters well enough by that point that that interested me and as long as I got a couple of laugh out loud moments in each episode – and there always were – I was satisfied.
Haven’t really decided what to watch next.

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