It Can’t Be Bloomberg

This business of Mike Bloomberg running for the Democratic nomination is bullshit. He is a Republican. He was a Republican when he held his only political office, mayor of New York City. He governed as a hard-line, law and order and screw people’s rights Republican. He supported George W. Bush, still praises the guy, and has supported and given money to other Republican candidates, notably Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, who narrowly defeated a Democrat and tilted the balance of power to the Republicans in the Senate.
And yet, he’s racking up endorsements like crazy. Over 100 mayors have endorsed him, and a significant number of them are black mayors, like the mayors of Washington, D.C. and Houston. The reason the black, female (Oh, btw, Bloomberg’s sexist as hell, too, and Emily’s List has endorsed him. RIP Emily’s list) mayor of D.C. is backing him is (I’m paraphrasing, but only slightly) “Trump won by spending a lot of his own money, now we’ve got somebody who can top that.”
They are so afraid that a Democrat who has FDR values might be smeared as a leftist that they are willing to run a mini-Trump against Trump. Even if it works, Democrats lose.
The nomination of Mike Bloomberg would not be a clever strategy to defeat Trump. It would be the complete surrender of the Democratic Party and everything it ever stood for.

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