Nevada Debate

Pretty much everybody agrees that Warren had a great night. Pretty much everybody agrees that Bloomberg got totally trashed. But where was Tom Steyer?
Not on the stage, not being talked about. So, he’s effectively out of the race. All of our anti-billionaire rhetoric can now be aimed at Bloomberg. All environmentalists should come to Bernie Sanders.
So, let’s talk about the 6 candidates that were there. First, Bloomberg. If these debates matter, and I think they do, a little bit, he’s toast. Maybe not right away, it took Kamala Harris a couple of months to drop out after her on-stage crucifixion at the hands of Tulsi Gabbard, but eventually. He can spend a shit ton of money on ads, memes, audience plants, and endorsements but all his money is not going to erase Warren’s attack -which was not about his money as much as it was about being rude to women. Also, the fact the Bloomberg himself looks a bit like a horse didn’t help. Bernie nailed him on the money. Then Pete nailed him on the money and Bernie turned around and said “You, too, Pete. You’ve got lots of billionaire donors.” So, that’s another result of last night. The gloves are off.
Pete, overall, did O.K. But, he will never be able to do any better than that because all he has is platitudes and platitudes don’t get out the vote. They don’t get people excited.
Warren, as noted above, had a great night. Does it mean she’s back in the race? We’ll see soon. If it translates into a strong finish in Nevada, she’s back in the race. If it doesn’t then she’s gone the first 3 states without gaining delegates and there’s very little chance of making it up.
Biden finished Iowa and New Hampshire as badly as Warren and had a mediocre debate performance. He’ll stay in until South Carolina, for sure, hoping for a big win there, but I doubt if he’s going to get it. He’s from another era, and barely registers with anybody under 60.
Klobuchar also felt the wrath of Warren last night. I wouldn’t say she responded badly (Yay, Minnesota! I didn’t know post-its were invented there. Did you know that?), but her voice was screechy and her hair kind of had that same unfortunate wobble that it did a few debates back. She is out of her league and I don’t get what she expects from staying in the race.

So, to Bernie, my main man. Nobody’s saying he had the best night, but they never do. He also never has the worst night. He’s consistent, and he’s had a pretty good debate every debate. It’s sort of like the primaries. I think the projections that show him winning every single state are kind of wildly optimistic and that’s a bubble that could be burst at any time, maybe even South Carolina, but Bernie will do well in every single state. He has a ground organization and enthusiastic followers in every state. There are working class people, and uninsured or under-insured people, and people with student debt, and people with family members in jail for marijuana, in every single state and they are natural Bernie voters. There will be no states where he is not in the top 3, and very few where he is not one of the top two. In most states, he will be the winner.
Bernie Sanders will win the nomination and be the next president of the United States.

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