The Whole Reason

The whole reason there are so many Democrats running in the first place is because with a large number of candidates, they (the evil DNC) figure they can keep any candidate (Bernie Sanders) from getting 51% on the first round, meaning the superdelegates kick in (see last debate, the ‘should the candidate with the most delegates win’ question) and the DNC, which just wants to keep the lobbyist money flowing, gets to pick up anybody they want, so we’ll probably wind up with somebody super lame, like Claire McCaskill or some shit, and they’ll say “Look! We’ve got a compromise candidate!” Then from July to November they’ll talk about the lesser of two evils and how we have to eat a turd sandwich to avoid the ground up razor blades, or maybe it’s the other way around, and they’ll lose the election because nobody wants to hear that shit again, and then they’ll blame us.
There’s a slight flaw in their strategy.
With 5 candidates splitting the anti-Bernie vote, and Bernie getting 100% of the pro-Bernie vote, there’s a chance that Bernie will win in every single state. It won’t stop them from doing what they plan to do, unless we start winning states by more than 50%, but it will make them look seriously bad if they do it.
Still, the punditocracy is bemoaning the situation, and saying some candidates need to drop out so somebody has a chance to beat Bernie, but they are being foolish. Nobody can beat Bernie. Not legitimately.

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