What to Do About Chris

I agree with all the people who say Chris Matthews should be fired for his extremely weird reaction to the Nevada Primary. I don’t necessarily think he was being deliberately anti-semitic, although that’s how it came across.
I just think it was a dumb analogy, Matthews is an old codger who is just so filled with Bernie hate that he can’t repress it, and it keeps him from thinking straight.
First of all, it was a very strained analogy. “I was just reading about World War Two,” he began, as if everything he reads isn’t a deliberate effort to find something to use in his next speech. “and (I’m paraphrasing a bit here, for the sake of simplicity) it reminds me very much of the French being overrun by the Nazis in World War Two.”
So, it’s offensive because Bernie’s father lost all of his family- all of his extended family, cousins, aunts and uncles, and so on – in the holocaust, but on the other hand he’s comparing Sanders campaign to a highly tuned, well oiled war machine.
And he’s comparing the Democratic Party to the French. Personally, I like the French. They make good bread, they make good cheese, they are interesting people and fun to be around. But, in the context of this analogy, it doesn’t make the DNC sound like the heroes of the story.
Bottom line, the extremely offensive statement should be enough to get him fired because he’s less than brilliant as a pundit, there are a million younger, better informed people who could do the job just as well, and he’s been around forever.
It’s not as if he’s a brain surgeon, or a teacher, or something that requires abilities and does some good for society. He’s a talking head on TV. Might as well just fire him. Problem solved.

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