The Thinning of the Herd

Wow! What a day and color me surprised. For a long time I have been making the statement that any Democrat with any delegates at all would stay in up until the convention, but last night Buttigieg dropped out and today it was Klobuchar, and both of them closely followed Tom Steyer.
A lot of people are saying this is a plot on behalf of the DNC to help Biden, and maybe it is, but I doubt it will work.
The idea is that with Pete and Amy out of the race, Biden will get over 15% of the popular vote in California, which will prevent Bernie from walking away with all of California’s delegates and a huge leg up toward the nomination. Maybe. But, even though it’s Super Tuesday, and much has been made that 1/3 of the delegates will be awarded that day (and maybe 1/10th or so have been allocated so far) which means there will be plenty of opportunities for Bernie to pick up delegates post Super Tuesday.
With Steyer, Buttigieg and Klobuchar out of the race, there are 5 candidates remaining, and the only one who stands a chance against Trump is Bernie.
Let’s take them one by one.

Joe Biden. Seriously, the man is senile. He has mistaken Ohio for Michigan, New Hampshire for Vermont, the 60s for the 70s, and himself for a Senate candidate. He yells at voters and calls them names, even when they’ve given no offense. The debates between him and Trump would be absolutely cringe-worthy, and Trump would win them.
Michael Bloomberg. There is something extremely offensive about a billionaire trying to buy the presidency, but that’s what he’s doing. If, by some fluke, he were to get the nomination, it would be a race between two right wing, authoritarian, racist, sexist Republicans. This would not be a pragmatic move by the DNC. This would be a pre-emptive surrender.
Elizabeth Warren. She’s got a handful of delegates, is not likely to get many more, and may lose her home state of Massachusetts to Bernie Sanders tomorrow. She has no credibility left after taking Super Pac support, and very few good reasons for voting for her. All along, her thing has been “I’m almost the same as Bernie but more electable” and that is just not true. On either count.
Tulsi Gabbard. Yes, she’s still in the race although they’ve managed to keep her out of the debates. But, she polls at around 1% so, much as I like her -on some issues even more than Bernie – she is not a viable candidate. I’d love it if she’d drop out and support Bernie, but it doesn’t really matter. She’s not a factor.
Bernie Sanders. An intelligent, compassionate man with great policies and no serious minuses.
Yes, the drop out ploy may put Biden over 15% in California, but he’s not likely to win more than 2 or 3 states tomorrow (he’s almost certainly going to win Alabama, but that’s the only one he can count on for sure).
But, for the rest of the race (unless I’m underestimating Bloomberg’s support) it will essentially be Biden v. Bernie. And Bernie is the only one playing with a full deck.
Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out have actually increased the odds of Bernie getting 1,991 committed delegates before the convention. We welcome their supporters into Camp Bernie. It’s the only sensible camp left.

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