Why I’m Optimistic

Of course we’ll have a lot clearer picture of the state of the race tomorrow but, barring a serious upset, I think I’m going to be going forward fairly optimistically. Here’s why:
If Bernie wins big, like 10 states, then he’s regained the momentum, racked up a lot of delegates, and it’s nearly a done deal. If it’s closer to an even split, then we’ll have a harder row to hoe, but there are still almost two thirds of the delegates up for grabs after Super Tuesday and the fact that the DNC is putting all of their eggs in the Biden basket actually helps Bernie a lot.
Because Biden is such an incredibly soft target.
We can, of course, rerun old YouTube videos every day, of Biden screaming into a reporter’s face “Why why why why why why why?”, and the one calling that guy fat and that one where he thought he was running for the Senate and, of course, the whole corn pop speech which reminds me in some ways of the last words of Dutch Schultz. (google last words of Dutch Schultz – it’s actually an amazing piece of accidental literature)
But, we don’t need to. There will no doubt be a steady parade of instances of Biden saying inappropriate, offensive things, insulting his audiences, slurring his speech, mangling his lines, and sometimes actually going into a time loop thing. Every day that Joe Biden lives and breathes is a day he will likely say something stupid.
Others may choose to attack him on his record. Lord knows, there’s plenty of material there.
Or some may choose to attack him on his persistent habit of fondling young girls.
We can hit him with all of it, and it’s legitimate because it’s true.

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