Warren’s Out

I’m certainly glad she’s gone, and I’m not exactly holding my breath waiting for her to endorse Bernie. I would be very happy if she did, and it would be one way of hanging on to her reputation as a progressive, but I don’t thing she will. She’s just stabbed Bernie in the back too many times to make a comeback, he probably doesn’t want her as VP. Sure, a deal might be made, but I doubt it.
In fact, I think she’s far more likely to cut a deal with Biden. Just like she stayed out and, by omission, backed Hillary’s rigged primary in 2016. She admitted later that she knew it was rigged, but she certainly didn’t speak up at the time.
I don’t want to say anything too mean Bernie Bro-ish that will discourage any Warren supporters from coming into the Bernie camp, but here’s how I’m seeing Warren right now (Warren supporters may stop reading at this point, it’s about to get ugly): It starts with the whole Indian lie, which I never used to think was a big deal, hey, lots of people tell a little fib on a college application, or in a job interview, if they think it will give them an edge. Historians are still not at all sure that Lincoln grew up in a log cabin, but it made for great press. Besides, lots of families have a story of a Cherokee great-grandmother, or whatever. But, then there’s her saying her children never went to private school, when they did, and the getting fired when pregnant story, which was exaggerated at least, and we start to see a pattern. I think her switching her party registration from Republican to Democrat may be a bit like that. It really doesn’t take much to change your official registration, when you smell an opportunity.
But, I’m afraid she’s still a Republican at heart.

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