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Well, there’s no doubt about it, we did way worse than expected. I’m not sure if it was all the endorsements, the unquestioning MSM, the low turnout of the youth, or the closures of many polling places, but it was a tough loss.
But it ain’t over. We’ve got to get back up and get in this thing. Next week is Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington.
We’re down but not out. We will always bounce back.
For anybody who might be reading this in any of those states who might be reading this, please consider: Biden is a horrible candidate on three levels.
Policy, Character, and his disintegrating brain.
Caitlin Johnstone did an excellent piece on Biden’s fading mental capacity today. It’s true. It might not be nice, or polite of us to criticize an old man for being senile. One friend of mine said we were being ‘ablist’ but, really, I don’t want somebody who can’t remember what year it is, what office he’s running for, or what state he’s in having that much power at his ready disposal. So, I’m going to be posting a lot of videos over the next week. The Corn Pop speech, the why why why why why why why outburst, the record player speech, oh my God, the record player speech, the declaration of independence flub, and many more. I suggest everybody do the same. Real ones. Accurate ones. Let’s play fair. But it’s a topic that should not be avoided.
Character. The whole thing about impeaching Trump was because Trump was digging for dirt on Biden, and it was completely unnecessary. It’s common knowledge that Hunter Biden got a cushy job with a Ukrainian oil company just because his daddy was vice-president, and it’s also known that when a Ukrainian prosecutor started investigating this corruption, Joe Biden used the influence of his office to get that prosecutor fired. It’s not wrong for Sanders supporters to bring this up. You can be certain that Trump will.
I’d love to just fight this out on policy. Biden is opposed to Medicare for All, he is not opposed to fracking, he supported the Iraq War, he helped get Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court and is very nearly a Republican in his views. So, I will be posting, more frequently than before, articles showing the ways in which he differs from Sanders, and in which he does not differ from Trump that much at all.
Because Biden is not the pragmatic candidate. Biden is a pre-emptive surrender.

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