This is Not Over

If you want to phrase it as a sports analogy, which people seem to like to do, we are just about up to half-time. Sure, we’re down by a touchdown or two but we are far from out. The results of yesterday will be a delegate split, perhaps expanding Biden’s lead slightly, but there is still a second half to be played, and that will begin with the next debate.
CNN wants the candidates to sit down, so all the blood won’t go to Biden’s legs and he’ll start talking about leaving the record player on all night or something equally ridiculous. The press will under report it, say he had a great debate, and we will all have a film clip to share, and share again, and share again.
They have not finished counting in Michigan or Washington as of yet (Wednesday, March 13, 11:20 a.m., European Central Time, and we don’t spring forward for another couple of weeks, so you can do the calculations if you like), which is a sign that Bernie is doing better than they all are reporting.
And the reporting is followed, like a wave, by all the vbnmw people on the internet, trying to gaslight us into submission. That will not happen.
Bernie is still in the running. Bernie is a rock.

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