The Shit Sandwich Argument

As far as this obnoxious electability argument goes, here are a few reasons why Sanders is the more electable candidate against Trump.
1. He is on the right side of almost every issue. This would not be so impressive if he had changed his position to be on the right side, as Joe Biden has by saying he marched in the civil rights moment (he did not). Bernie Sanders held a gay pride parade in Burlington in 1982. It was definitely not the popular position. Now it is. He’s been fighting for health care for all for decades. Joe Biden is still opposed to it.
2. He has very little baggage. No major scandals, sexual, financial or otherwise. None of his relatives are even involved in shady dealings. Lots of Biden’s relatives (his son, Hunter and his brother James) are. Joe himself has had scandals related to plagiarism, lying, nepotism, and unwanted sexual contact.
3. He speaks clearly and coherently, whereas as Biden does not. I’ve had a few concern trolls (tone police) tell me in the past few days that I’m being offensive to sufferers of Alzheimer’s to say that Biden has it. Sorry, but Biden does. Trump will definitely mention that in the debates, if we have Biden as the nominee.
4. The nature of the election after July. If Bernie is the nominee, we will be talking about health care, which a clear majority of Americans want, saving the planet, which almost everybody wants, creating jobs, legalizing marijuana, ending student debt, making college free, ending private prisons, and many other things which will materially improve the lives of many, many Americans. If Biden gets the nomination all of that is swept off the table and we will be talking about a shit sandwich. You might try and find a better slogan, like “No Malarkey,” but it will come down to the shit sandwich thing, just like in 2016, because Biden doesn’t have anything else going for him. And if the very best argument you have for your candidate is that he’s a shit sandwich, then you really should be looking for another candidate.

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