We probably shouldn’t be making too much of the fact that Joe Biden hasn’t been seen in the public for about a week, or that his last public appearance was this, because there’s probably a totally logical explanation.
Maybe, with a bit of a gap in the primary schedule, he’s just ensconced with his team, planning strategy. Maybe he’s trying to figure out his cabinet. We know he offered Yang a position in return for his endorsement (which is illegal, but of course he won’t be prosecuted for it. As we have seen with Burisma, quid pro quo is a damn hard thing to prove). Maybe it’s just a bit of time off to recharge the old batteries, which is totally understandable.
But, I do suspect they are trying to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible, and that is a bad omen for the future. Because that was Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy. Once she’d won the nomination, she spent far more of her time at fund raisers with very wealthy people than speaking to the public, either in small, town hall type forums or at large rallies. It is a sensible strategy when you have an unappealing candidate. And Joe Biden is, if that’s possible, even less appealing than Hillary Clinton. He is older, less coherent, and has an even longer record of lies, corrupt connections, and supporting horrible policies than she had.
If he were, God forbid, to win the nomination, an absentee campaign is the BEST we could hope for in the general election.

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