The Response

On the one hand it is frightening how easily and instantly the powers that be convinced a billion people to stay in their homes for weeks on end, to stay away from bars and restaurants, to stop shaking hands, and to wear silly looking face masks whenever they are out on a clear, sunny day.
On the other, it’s kind of reassuring. People are good people. If they can be convinced that a course of action is the correct course of action, they will follow it, even though it involves some personal sacrifice, and effort.
If they can get people to stay in their homes, they could mobilize millions of people to plan hundreds of millions of trees in a single day, as has been done in China, and India, on a couple of occasions but really needs to become a world-wide trend.
If they can pay people hundreds of millions of people $1,000 a month to sit at home and watch TV, then they could pay 20 million people $15 an hour to blanket tornado alley, from Oklahoma to North Dakota, with wind turbines and to cover every parking lot in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix with solar panels.
All of the world’s problems have solutions. We have the technology, we have the resources, and we easily have the manpower to convert the entire planet into a clean, self-sustaining, luxury biological support system for all human beings and the animals we love, where everybody has a nice home and nobody is going hungry, where everybody gets a good education and human knowledge continually increases, where a life span of 100+ and all of it healthy becomes normal, and in which nobody has to work so hard that they don’t have time for fun
The only, the absolutely only reason we don’t do that is because some people are making more money with the way the world is now.

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