Utah Results

Now, I don’t live in the U.S. and don’t get most of my news from TV, but I’m guessing this has not been widely covered.
It was just announced yesterday that Bernie Sanders won the Utah primary. You know, the one that was on Super Tuesday, and in all the media’s crowing over Joe Biden’s great day, they sort of forgot about the states that were still counting. Which all, surprise, surprise, were Sanders’ wins. Well, there was Utah and California. And then there are those four flash drives filled with uncounted votes they discovered in Texas weeks, I don’t know if they ever counted those or if they took an Iowa sort of look at it (we’re not going to correct ALL the mistakes!)
(Also this week, the results from the Democrats Abroad primary are in, and Bernie won easily)
The other think about the Utah primary: it wasn’t close, and a lot of the ballots were mail-ins, so they’d been received before March 3rd.
So, why did the count take so long? Probably the same reason Bernie’s wins are under-reported.
The DNC, and the MSM want you to think this is all over. This is not all over.

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