Luck of the Draw

I must say, I have been lucky in life. As a white, male heterosexual I was born into most of the privileged groups. Not rich, not even close, but working class in a developed country is way richer than most people in the world. Enough that I’ve managed to travel quite a bit, and am living in a city I totally love. I have a beautiful wife and two teenage children, who don’t totally hate me. There have been periods in my life when I didn’t think so but, by any objective standard, I’ve got it pretty good.
And in this time of quarantine, I am forced to live with the people I choose to live with anyway. So, super lucky.
But that’s a roll of the dice. What of the young, single person who was leading a great life with lots of different sex partners and an active social life centered around restaurants, discotheques and pubs. Suddenly it’s the law that you have to stay where you’re living and, boom, all of their girlfriends/boyfriends are living somewhere else and they’re essentially looking at a couple of months of solitary confinement. That must suck.
What about people who were having a lovely vacation in an exotic, faraway country and now can’t return home because of closed borders, limited flights, whatever, and they’re having to make the best of staying in a hotel they can’t afford in a country where they don’t know the language.
Imagine being old, or an invalid, and nobody is even allowed to come visit. I mean, most people didn’t visit anyway, but at least before you had the hope that they would.
For a whole lot of people, this quarantine is a nightmare and I (not suffering greatly at all, kind of enjoying it, really) hope it’s over soon.
In the meantime, thank goodness we’ve got the internet.

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