Name One Issue

A couple of days ago I was arguing with some vbnmw people, as I frequently do, and one made a comment about how people just obviously like Biden’s positions better. So, I asked them to name one of Biden’s positions they thought people liked better. Actually, just to name one of Biden’s positions.
That was, essentially, the end of the thread. They didn’t even try to rise to the challenge. Because they couldn’t. Nobody can.
Biden has failed to clearly present any position, except maybe “we’re coming for your guns” which was basically a show.
If you believe in Universal Health Care, that’s Bernie’s issue. As we can see clearly now, in this time of quarantine, that’s a pretty important issue. Biden, of course, has promised to veto it.
The environment? Totally Bernie’s issue.
Legalization of marijuana? Joe’s against it.
So, from now on, that’s my go to argument against these people. Name an issue. One. damn. issue.

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