Zoom Poems

Well, just participated in – I wanted to say ‘attended’ but that implies physical presence – my first international zoom poetry reading. It was interesting but, barring any great advances in technology, I don’t expect it to survive past the quarantine era as a major poetic venue.
It was interesting, though. I expected it to be the usual Prague gang, but we had people chiming in from Morocco and Iceland and I’m pretty sure one woman was signing in from England although I’m not sure if she ever specifically said that.
Also, there seemed to be a majority of female poets, which does not tend to be the case when we meet in physical space. Perhaps it was a fluke or perhaps many of them are not as fond of dark, smoky basements as I’d thought.
Anyway, back to that line in paragraph one, ‘barring any great advances in technology’ which I realized as soon as I wrote it meant the opposite of what I was saying, but it was right and I was wrong, and you have to listen to the voices inside your head.
Of course there will be great advances in technology. In future, events like this will take place on a 3D holographic beach, and we’ll all have connectors in our brains so nobody will even read poems they’ll just think them.
Just as sure as everything changes with technology, everything is going to continue to change with technology.

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