Revenge of the Skink

One of the reasons people have been slow to accept the reality of global warming is that people don’t understand the difference between geological time and real time. It’s also the reason so many people (in the U.S. at any rate, not many other countries seem to have that problem) don’t accept evolution.
But, there is no real difference between real time and geological time except scale. In the same way, people don’t understand the difference between the distance between Earth and its moon and the distance between Earth and the nearest star that’s not the sun. They are both space, and can be measured in numbers of units of distance.
However, the universe keeps expanding and life keeps evolving, whether people can understand it or not. Science keeps expanding, too. Will it be fast enough to save us all?
In Australia, scientists have made a really amazing discovery. There are skinks in Australia, of many different species, and the three-toed skinks around Sydney lay eggs, while the ones in the area of Darwin give birth to live babies, or maybe it’s the other way around.
But, recently, a mama skink gave birth to….wait for it….3 eggs and one live baby. Scientists are not sure if this is an egg laying species evolving into a live birth species or the other way around, but either way it’s a missing link in the evolutionary chain. Whereas global warming is now happening in ‘real time’ (i.e. orders of magnitude faster than geological time, like that moment shortly you get off the ski-chair and you’re suddenly moving way, way faster than you are comfortable with), so is evolution, apparently.
How scary is that? They are evolving to live birth within one generation, soon they will be walking upright and making tools.
Sure, human beings dominate the Earth today (and are doing a shit job of it, truth to tell), but how much longer?

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