Spoiler Alert

If you’ve never watched Arrow on Netflix, and you hate spoilers, you might want to skip today’s blog. There are a couple of major spoilers. I feel this is justified a)because I have a point to make, and b) because it’s really just another dumb superhero fantasy, hardly great literature (although the two incidents I am about to talk about do show a serious reflection on ethics and morality), and if you never watch this show, you won’t be missing all that much. Your life will not be diminished, your cultural awareness will not be stunted in the same way it would if you’d never seen, for instance, Star Trek or Harry Potter, and c) I’m giving you the spoiler alert in advance. Stop reading here, or carry on. Your choice.
When Oliver was on the island, he was captured by a serious bad guy, I think his name was Ivo or something like that, who threatened to kill one of two women – Sarah, his girlfriend’s little sister he’d been shtooping on the sly, or Shadow, the mysterious Chinese martial arts master.
Oliver had to choose (I never saw Sophie’s choice. I just can’t bring myself to watch holocaust movies, but this was sort of that) and he chose Sarah, and was afterwards troubled with guilt and nightmares over Shadow’s death.
Another guy they were on the island with was Slade Wilson, who became sort of a superhuman after he’d been injected by Ivo with the Mirakuru drug, and he had always been in love with Shadow.
Well, flash forward many years later Slade tracks Oliver down in the real world, and manages to somehow kidnap Oliver’s ex-girlfriend (Sarah’s older sister) and Oliver’s mother, and he confronts him with the same choice again. This time, however, Oliver refuses to choose and Wilson kills his mother.
But Oliver is guilt free and also, the audience doesn’t mind too much because his mother really was a duplicitous snake, who had cheated on his father and later engaged in a plot to destroy the poor part of town with an earthquake machine so developers could move in and make a lot of money, and then she ran for mayor.
Moral of the story: When they say you have to choose, don’t choose. Either way something bad is going to happen, but you can continue to fight crime and evil and maintain your secret identity with a clear conscience.

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