Personality Tests

There’s one I’ve seen on Facebook several times now, there’s a big triangle composed of many smaller triangles and a few rhomboids, and all you have to do is say how many triangles you could see. I think the correct answer was 12, but maybe it could have been higher.
Anyway, just for the heck of it (I often take these tests, almost never share the answers), I answered 136 and hit the old submit button.
“Willie,” it said, “you are a true and noble friend, you never give up on your dreams, blah, blah, blah”, just like it did for everybody else.
It’s not only not an accurate profile, it’s not even an attempt at one. It’s not artificial intelligence, it’s a talking doll with two or three programmed responses.
Really, how much computer intelligence would it take to respond to a clearly, wildly incorrect answer with “You’ve got to be kidding” or “What are you, some kind of wise guy?”
Or, what about a program that actually examines your profile, and your correspondence, and gives you some kind of useful psychoanalysis? Admittedly, as soon as I type that I realize the craziness of it. If people are crazy the last thing in the world they want is a computer saying “you are clearly delusional and need to lower your expectations in life” or “stop doing so many drugs.” Not to mention the privacy issue.
But I also see the benefits, and the possibilities. Completely objective, anonymous psychoanalysis for the masses.

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