Lesser of Two Wasted Votes

I’ve been giving the matter some thought. Of course, it’s thought filtered through rage, frustration, and disappointment, but nonetheless, I’ve been giving the matter of how to vote in November a great deal of thought. Of course, I don’t want to jump the gun. People in Pennsylvania, New York, Wyoming and a whole bunch of other states have yet to weigh in and I would encourage Democrats in those states to go ahead and vote for Bernie, but I realize it would take a miracle at this point for him to win, especially as he’s no longer campaigning for it. But, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to how I could best use my vote.
I had been thinking I would write Bernie Sanders in- with a big, fat magic marker and perhaps a few expletives. Of course it would be a wasted vote, but it would make a statement and make me, personally, feel a bit better. But now, I am reconsidering. Of all the people out there trying to tell me how to vote, there is only one group whose logic actually makes sense, and is not morally reprehensible.
That is why I will be voting Green. I do this in the hopes that other Bernie supporters will do this as well, and the Green party will gain enough votes to be on the ballot in all 50 states in 2024.
I still would like to see a new 3rd party, one dedicated to Berniecrat principals, but that’s not going to happen between now and this November.
So, Green it is.

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