Comments on the Crown

Just watched a couple of episodes of The Crown, which I’m not recommending necessarily, unless you’re into that sort of thing. I’m liking it O.K., though, as a bit of a history lesson, and it’s one of the few programs my wife and I can agree on.
She refuses to watch anything with robots, aliens, time travel, alternate dimensions, or superheroes, which pretty much rules out all of my favorites right there, and I don’t care for her crime shows – she likes the really dark, miserable ones, preferably set in a seacoast village, and I don’t like any of the Czech soap operas, either, and she watches them all.
Anyway, re The Crown, it’s mostly a lot of people standing or sitting and looking miserable for long periods of time. It totally reinforces my opinion that rich people have too much money, and most of them are arrogant jerks without any sympathy at all for the average classes. But the last episode I watched was quite interesting, and focused on JFK’s visit to London. Apparently, Elizabeth was bitterly, irrationally jealous of Jackie’s popularity and good looks. Also, the Kennedy’s did not come across looking like the perfect couple, exactly.
The whole show is a peek behind the curtains. This was a peek behind the curtains at something that was interesting, and intense.

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