Dull Conversation

I am slipping badly on the blog regularity, from last thing at night to “Screw it, I’ll write it in the morning,” and then since we’re in quarantine anyway there’s no pressure to actually finish in the morning and it slips back into the evening but if it goes too long I actually miss a day and that is bad, very bad.
It’s hard to pick a topic though, because I really don’t have anything special to say about Covid-19. It’s a disease, I think pretty much everybody in the world is against it. We’re sad about the people who’ve died, we are sympathetic when anyone’s sick, we all agree that doctors and nurses are great people.
The only other topic is politics and it seems to have already solidified into the “turd sandwich vs. ground glass” argument that got shouted back and forth non-stop in 2016. The conversation has become dull.
Nobody’s talking about universal health care, nobody’s talking about saving the environment, nobody’s talking about ending private prisons, or legalizing marijuana, or absolving student debt.
And they probably won’t be, for the next 4 years.

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