Covid Operation

I must confess, I was a bit skeptical about the world wide reaction to the Corona virus. I was one of those people saying “Eh, it’s just the flu, deal with it.” Not so much that I would buck social standards, or the law, but enough that I would quietly grumble about it, or maybe make an occasional sarcastic comment.
But, a lot of people are dying of it, so I’ve come around to the view that it’s best to stay mostly at home, and to wear a mask and maintain distance when I do go out. Here, it’s the law, so there’s that as well.
Apparently, a lot of people in the U.S. are not being so compliant. A lot of people are out having protests, saying the lockdown (when you say quarantine like that, it sounds so much more ominous) should be ended, and of course they are waving guns around and being big Trump supporters as well.
There are a couple of ways this could work out. Maybe, if it is a lot of overblown hysteria, there will be no, or very few deaths directly attributable to these protests. From the photos, a lot of them are young and healthy, so maybe they’ll be all right. If they go home and infect their elderly relatives, the causation will be less clear.
If it’s as highly contagious and deadly as they are saying, quite a few of them will die.
In all likelihood, there will be anecdotal evidence working both ways, and people will come out of this crisis with the same views they had when they went in. People are like that.
I’m not rooting for the Corona virus, and I don’t really want large numbers of these people to die. They are idiots, but they are not the cause of the world’s problems. However, somebody had to step up and be the test group, and I’m glad it was them.

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