The Crown, final review

My wife and I will now need to find a new series to binge on that we both like, which is not at all easy. The Venn Overlap between our viewing choices is narrow indeed.
We just finished The Crown. It didn’t really change my opinion of the royal family much, heightened it in some cases, maybe mitigated it a bit in some others. One thing surprises me, if it’s true. I heard that the royal family gave their stamp of approval to the production. If so, that was pretty bold of them, or pretty out of touch of them, because they really did not come across as a nice bunch of people, collectively.
Philip is an arrogant jerk, with nothing but contempt for the common people, and his friends were all the same. “A peasant shoot, ha ha”
The Queen Mother was a meddling old witch.
Philip and Elizabeth were, as a general rule, shitty parents.
Margaret got treated like shit, and her grudge against the family was totally justified.
I liked Princess Anne.
King Edward VIII got treated like shit by the family but I don’t feel too bad for him because him and his gold digging wife were both fucking Nazi lovers.
Charles is a sad case. Basically, like Margaret, the family pressure destroyed him as a person.
That Tommy Lascelles character reminded me of Professor Snape, minus the whole turning out to be good at the end part.
Elizabeth herself started out as a likeable character, but her dutiful patriotism doesn’t make for a rousing tale, she took bad advice almost every time, showed no real character, and got colder and more bitter throughout.
In the end, I think it was Edward who described her best, as “a woman of mediocre intelligence with zero imagination.”
It’s not my country, not my problem, if the British people want a monarchy fine by me. But, damn, they are a dysfunctional family.

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