Bad Thoughts

I am a bad person, no doubt about it. Not so much because of the things I do – I’m generally polite, easy to talk to, co-operative. I separate our garbage for recycling, occasionally offer my seat to somebody in need of it on public transport, and yesterday I gave a bit of change to a beggar because I felt bad for her dogs. But sometimes I think very bad, mean thoughts.
With regard to this virus and quarantine thing, for instance. There are people out protesting against the quarantine, walking around outdoors without masks on. The governor’s of some states, where the protesters are a major electoral force, who are going to end the quarantine earlier than other places. Bowling alleys, hair salons, and tattoo parlors will soon be open in Georgia and a couple of other states.
Will there be a huge spike in deaths, which will prove me, the doctors, and most scientists right? Or will there not be that many deaths, in which case it will be proven that all of these precautions we’ve been taking were largely superfluous and, like some of my more conspiracy minded friends believe, a plot to make the people more compliant, a test run for complete totalitarian rule?
I must confess, I am hoping that a very large number of the protesters die. And that is not a very nice thing to hope for at all.
Ergo, I am a bad person.

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