Focus on Korea

Nobody knows what’s up with Kim Jong Un, which is par for the course. At least one Japanese paper, and the New York Post, have reported that he’s in a vegetative state, and the news in Hong Kong have reported that he’s dead.
No word out of North Korea, but there never is.
I guess he had a heart attack, which is surprising at his age. He’s only 36. 37 according to other sources.
It might be that he’s perfectly fine and recovering in hospital, and all those wishing him dead will be frustrated and he’ll live and rule for a half century, like Castro.
But, what if it’s not? We have no clue what’s going to happen next. His oldest child, a girl, is about 10. Our source of information on this is Dennis Rodman. You remember, the basketball player with all the tats and piercings who talks all sorts of shit and was dating Madonna for a while. We actually don’t know if he has other children, or how many, but the family line of descent will definitely be broken, and North Korea won’t be the same North Korea without them.
Maybe another relative will step in. Maybe the military will take over. Maybe the South might see an opening for re-unification. Maybe China will manipulate the situation somehow to try to bring North Korea into their orbit, like more than they are already. Maybe the Chinese will just move in and take over. Maybe the Russians will (that one’s far fetched, but they do have a border) Maybe there will be fighting within North Korea as the power vacuum reveals political fault lines that we in the West know nothing about, because we truly know nothing about what’s happening inside North Korea.
So, I guess we’ll just wait and see.

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