Prague Botanical Gardens

Yesterday we took a bike ride to the Prague Botanical Gardens, because they are open now, the restrictions are lifting. But, it still feels strange and unnatural to wear a mask while riding a bike, not to mention a bit hard on the old breathing. It’s only a 6 kilometer ride, almost all on easy, paved, flat trails and only the last 4 or 5 blocks seriously uphill, but I was winded and sweating by the time we got there.
We’re still not completely free because we have to move a mask just to take a drink of water. We’re still not completely free because we are very conscientious of standing too close to other people. (although I can see an advantage to that. While shopping at Albert the other day, they had stickers on the ground telling people in the checkout line where to stand, so we were not close to each other. The line looked significantly longer, stretching back into the stacks, but it moved the same and maybe, in some ways, that’s an improvement that should be continued)
Anyway, the Botanical Garden itself was lovely. Much, much larger than the last time I saw it. Although quite a bit of the extension was just a walk in the woods which you can get in any Czech park, the big cactus garden was impressive. The wetlands exhibit consisted of a small pond and a muddy patch, but it looked nice and had a little wooden bridge.
And, from where it’s situated, the views over Prague are vast, sweeping and all those other adjectives they put in tourist brochures.
It was a day of psychic rejuvenation, and good to be outside.

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