My latest Netflix binge watch, discovered it this afternoon and I’m about halfway through it, is Maniac. It reminds me somehow of Russian Doll, as far as overall level of weirdness.
It’s set in a strange future, it’s almost indistinguishable from the present except the tour guide at the very beginning said to the group. “Welcome to America, on your left you have the Statue of Super Liberty” and it was a huge and magnificent statue which doesn’t actually exist, and they’ve got a thing called AdBuddy which is always offered as a payment option and you just have to listen to a ton of ads. And poop eating robot dogs.
Anyway, our two heroes are Annie, who is smoking hot in a very bitchy sort of way, plus she’s a junkie, and meek mannered Owen, who thinks he’s on a mission to save the world or some shit.
They both wind up part of a drug trial/psychological test which involves a sentient computer, a whole bunch of screaming in Japanese, and a very weird trip inside their minds.
I’m enjoying it, but a bit afraid there will never be an actual resolution.

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