Alien Invasion?

There was an article in the Guardian today about how the U.S. government is releasing 3 videos, which head already been leaked, the earliest in 2007 and the most recent in 2017.
This will have zero impact. Most people won’t even hear about it. And now it’s old news.
Of those who do hear about it, many of us who would like there to be intelligent beings from remote start systems with the capability of traveling through space, just like in Star Trek, will see it as evidence and say “there couldn’t possibly be any other explanation.” Those of a more cynical bent will say these prove nothing at all.
I suppose, by themselves, they don’t. We won’t really have proof until, if ever, they decide to contact us. My problem is more with the government secrecy. Why weren’t all these videos available to the public at the time they were made? How is it of any advantage to the people of the human race that their governing bodies have information that we do not?
It doesn’t. They are just so used to keeping secrets, and lying to people, that they fear any chink in that dam, because of the huge torrent of shit that would pour forth across the land.

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