Here’s the Debate I’d Like

Normally I avoid the fantasy politics topics, like “Michelle Obama should run for president,” or “They should change the constitution so AOC could run” or maybe “We should vote for Biden and then try to force him to the left,” but these are times when real politics offer little hope of even entertainment value, much less actual solutions for the problems facing the world.
So, here’s one. One term governor of Minnesota and former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura is thinking about running for president. On the Green Ticket. That part’s not made up. The thing is, the Green Party already has a candidate in Howie Hawkins, who’s never held a higher political office than maybe union manager, but his platform is essentially the same as Bernie Sanders’.
I think they should debate. I think they should debate once a week, maybe twice a week. Just Jessie and Howie, two rational adults talking about the environment, talking about legal weed, talking about wealth inequality, talking about electoral reform, talking about Medicare, talking about all those issues that Trump or Biden will never talk about. Nor will they every be two rational adults.
I think the moderators should be Krystal and Joe Rogan, and I think (once this quarantine is over) it should be done in front of a live, and vocal studio audience.
Until then, it could be just each of them in a studio. The American people would get a 3rd choice on the ballot in November, and the election would be interesting again.

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