It’s Back On

Apparently the New York State Democratic primary is back on, and Bernie Sanders will be on the ballot. We have Andrew Yang to thank for that, he’s the one who took the fuckers on the New York board of elections to court. He’ll be on the ballot, too.
I urge all my friends and relatives in New York to take this last chance to vote for Bernie. Biden’s been the presumptive nominee for quite a while now, and it should be clear what a disastrous candidate he’s going to be. He doesn’t campaign much, he frequently screws up and says embarrassing stuff when he does, even his stated policies are lame and his recorded policies, the things he’s fought for throughout his career, are atrocious. As far as corruption and misogyny go, there’s nothing to differentiate him from Trump. Quantity, maybe, but that doesn’t matter.
So, vote for Bernie in the New York primary. Or Yang, if you’re seriously opposed to the Green New Deal, or Medicare for All, or you just absolutely hate Bernie Sanders supporters more than you love economic justice.
If Biden wins anyway, you can still vote Green in the general election. It’s still basically Bernie’s platform.

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