Dealing With the Virus

Much has been written about what this quarantine will do to us all psychologically and mostly I tend to brush it off because, hey, I’m all right. Staying at home, with my family, and watching a shit ton of garbage TV, and don’t even have to justify it. But, I know it’s bad for others.
In Russia, three doctors have “fallen” from windows, and I put that in quote marks because it’s obvious bullshit.
At least two out of the three were outspoken critics of the way things are being handled, like lack of medical supplies, protective equipment, and doctors having to work despite having the illness themselves.
Two out of the three are dead, but the other one is in pretty serious condition, including a cracked skull. He only “fell” from a two story window.
In Michigan, USA, a store employee was shot and killed after he told a customer she had to wear a mask to come in. They argued, she went home and told her husband, and he (and a friend) came back and shot the conscientious employee dead.
That seems bizarre to me, living in the Czech Republic, where I put on a mask just to take out the garbage, and nobody has been allowed into any store without one for months, and nobody’s been shot.
Some individuals are going to deal with this situation better than others. Some countries are going to deal with it better than others. Defenestration and people going crazy with guns are two of the worst ways of dealing with it. So far.

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