Marking the Hiatus

I haven’t smoked marijuana for a little over a week now. It’s not like I’m trying to quit, this is not an AA style ’10 days clean and sober’ type post. I love marijuana, I am a big advocate of marijuana, and will probably restock and restart sometime this week.
But, I’d been smoking fairly heavily, due to being home 24/7 with not a lot to do, and felt it was time for a bit of a head cleanse, which I do every now and then. One positive effect (contrariwise one negative effect of smoking, and I do not know if this is true of other smokers as well, but I suspect so) is that when I smoke a lot, I do not remember my dreams.
When I woke up this morning, I remembered bits of last nights dream quite vividly, so I’ll record it here, since that’s enough to fill a blog. I was driving a vehicle which was bright, polished silver and sort of a combination of a Tuk Tuk and a flatbed truck, and I was taking a group of students on a field trip to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson. We went up a very steep hill, which became steep like a graph of coronavirus deaths, until the tuk tuk flipped over backwards but then, being a dream and these fatal encounters can be immediately edited, it didn’t and we continued on our way. After having met Tyson we returned, and most of the students said they weren’t impressed. Then one of them told me his mentally retarded sister (I think that character was straight out of a TV show I’d watched earlier that evening) had written a short story and I, as a writer, should give it a look. Then I was at his house and I paid his mother 900 crowns (specifically, a 500 and two 200 crown notes – see, when I haven’t smoked for a week, I remember details like that) for the rights to the story. She handed me a set of keys with a bright blue, translucent dolphin on the keychain. “Where’s the story,” I said and she unscrewed the dolphins head and there was a flash drive inside, and there were actually a few stories on it and one of them was “The Mystery of ———“, who is a woman I had a brief thing with over twenty years ago, before I met my wife, and haven’t seen since.
Shortly after that, I woke up.

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