How Different We Are

I was having a very interesting conversation with a friend yesterday and he was talking about some new process or drug, I forget exactly, which could increase levels of dopamine, or maybe it was seratonin, but one of those mood regulating hormones, and we both came to the realization almost simultaneously: everybody’s different.
What once was put down to moodiness, or orneriness, or whatever, but treated as if it was somehow the way some people just chose to be, or maybe caused by their environment, is actually due to the chemicals inside our bodies, making us actually feel different from all of the people around us. Nothing we can do about it, and it’s really kind of amazing that civilization functions as well as it does. Despite the fact that almost everybody has two eyes, two ears, and is capable of having sex with other people, we might as well be of 7 billion different species.

Of course, we’re enough alike that certain aspects of behavior are acceptable, and others are not, and this has been across every human civilization, from the smallest nomadic tribes to today’s great nations. Don’t kill anybody, don’t take what’s not yours, don’t shit where you eat. Stuff like that. Once that’s covered, very few people worry about their dopamine levels. Maybe that’s because, prior to now, nothing could be done about it, and we didn’t even know it was a thing.

Now we do know, though. And do we really want to make those changes? Individual decision, I guess.

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