Somebody posted a picture of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wearing a mask, and the reason for the posting was that the poster had made the mask, and was therefore very proud of the fact that a famous person, a very awesome and trendy famous person, was wearing her mask. Appropriate comments would have ranged from “Awesome!” to “Congratulations!”
But, of course, there were a couple of sharp eyed people, human mosquitoes, in a way, who said she was not wearing it properly, that too much of her nose was exposed. (Her nostrils were covered, but it was a bit of a low rider. If it had been a dress, it wouldn’t have been a scandal but the amount of cleavage would have been discussed.)
This is a bit ridiculous. We should be discussing the amount of carbon in the air. How to provide housing for all the homeless. All of the reasons for legalizing marijuana. How to make sure pandemics like this are properly addressed in the future. How to end corruption in politics. What constitutes a reasonable immigration policy.
It is not surprising that society is in a state of paralysis, unable to move forward, end things like war and poverty, and create a better world for all human beings. We have lots of people, adult people, people who are legally entitled to vote and whose opinions matter as much as anybody else’s, who would rather focus on Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s admittedly very attractive nose.
The mask is not a burqa, people. If you’re wearing one, and your nostrils are covered, it’s all good.

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