“You Ain’t Black”

Full disclaimer straight up, right off the bat, I, like Joe Biden, am whitey white white, not a person of color by any definition, unless that definition includes sort of an off beige.
But, Joe Biden is the one who is running for president, and Joe Biden who said, to a black interviewer, “If you’re still deciding between me and Trump, then you ain’t black, man.”
There are multiple things wrong with that sentence. First of all, it’s not just Biden v. Trump. People, people of all races, are allowed to vote for Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, or any of the other numerous names on the ballot. It is clear that the DNC’s strategy is just to keep hammering away at that ‘Us v. Them’ argument, which did not work for them in 2016, and seems unlikely to in 2020.
Second, what’s this ‘still deciding’ stuff. It’s early stages. Joe is not the nominee yet, and we are still six months away from the election. The choice seems clear to me (I’m voting Green because both Biden and Trump suck), but there are a lot of people, like millions, who will still be making up their mind in late October. They are dumb asses, they probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but they are.
Then there’s the whole thing of Joe Biden telling a black man that he isn’t black if he doesn’t vote for Biden. As stated above, not my place to call it, but if I was black I would be pissed off.

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