All Tomorrow’s Parties

I just finished reading ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ by William Gibson, an author I’ve avoided up till now because I’m not really a computer geek and thought some of the tech and terms might make for tough sledding.
But, with the quarantine, I figured it’s a good time to read books that are a bit challenging, so I did. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Confusing in parts, but not really so tech detailed that there was anything I didn’t understand. There was VR, there was AI, there was a sexy hologram, and there was the guy who was living in a cardboard box in a Tokyo metro station and monitoring the whole world, but there wasn’t too much nerdy stuff about the inner workings, and the book was written in 1999, so all that stuff is old hat by now.
In fact, although set ‘in the future,’ it seemed to be set in sort of an alternate present, and one that is similar enough to our own present, that it didn’t really seem like sci-fi at all.
Interesting enough, though. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.
I’m also reading a book about famous inventors, and how quirky they are (or were, in some cases) in their private lives, and Ulysses, by Joyce, who I’m finding much less readable than Gibson. Oh, well. Lots of time inside, and no better time for it.

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