The Murder of George Floyd

There are a couple of political groups whose views I think are completely unreasonable, and support for them marks somebody, in my opinion, as somebody who hasn’t thought things through, at the very least. Libertarians and Anarchists. They are very different, of course. Libertarians are basically Republicans who might have slightly more liberal attitudes toward marijuana and the sex industry, but mostly just don’t want any regulation on their shady little businesses. Anarchists are just nuts who like wearing masks and throwing shit. Their basic argument, that we’d be better off without any government at all, is pretty weak when you realize it means public hospitals, schools, fire departments, and poli…oh, wait. Look what just happened in Minneapolis.
A couple of white cops (from the names I saw, one might have been Asian) held a man down, one of them had his knee on the man’s neck, until he died. The man, George Floyd, had been inside his own car when the police decided to hassle him for ‘intoxication.’ Not drunk driving, mind you. Just sitting in his car, drunk. Or maybe on drugs, whatever. He wasn’t waving a gun around. He hadn’t robbed anybody. But, he was black. And the police killed him.
There were lots of witnesses. People filmed the incident. People were telling the police, “Hey, you’re killing that guy.” Didn’t stop them. People tried to intervene. The police told them to stay back.
It makes me wonder if the anarchists aren’t right. If maybe we wouldn’t be safer without any police at all.
In any event, all of the officers present should be charged either with murder (in the case of the one who kept his knee on Mr. George’s neck long after any resistance had stopped) or accessory to murder. And they should be convicted. There is video evidence. There is eye witness evidence. There is no excuse.

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