Bad Advice

Things are starting to get back to normal a little bit here. Sam went back to work at KFC today but they had to have their masks on, as did their customers, although I guess they were allowed to remove them to eat. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the quarantine continue a bit till we’re more certain, but I understand that the quarantine has been harder for some others. For me, it’s just meant staying at home, watching Netflix and getting high a lot. Sort of like my usual life, just a tad lazier.
Anyway, as I was walking to the Metro today, one of my neighbors said to me “You know, you don’t need to wear the mask any more.” (actually, you do in most places)
Don’t get me wrong. This is a very nice lady, she knows everybody in the neighborhood and she’s always pleasant and friendly to me. Salt of the earth.
But, I remember a few years back. It may have been the Mayan apocalypse in 2012. It wasn’t Y2K because we weren’t living here yet then, but it was one of those events that come around every few years, when the Jesus people are saying that the end times are upon us. She stopped me, probably in about the same stretch of sidewalk as today, to tell me it was time to get right with Jesus because that’s what her preacher had said, the world was ending.
Well, the world didn’t end. So, while I like this person very much, I do not consider her a source of good advice. I’m going to be wearing a mask for a week or two after the official all clear, I think. Just to be on the safe side.

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