With all the rioting going on distracting from all the disease going on distracting from all the politics going on distracting from all the destruction being brought upon the environment, the first launch of human beings into space from Cape Canaveral in almost 10 years went pretty much unreported.
And when they do report it, they make it sound like a NASA launch. Well, I’m not denigrating NASA, and I guess they are partners in this. It is their launch facility. But, the planning, the engineering, the spacecraft itself, that’s all Spacex.
Elon Musk’s company. This is a private, capitalist venture. I’ve got mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, Hooray for Elon Musk! He’s a great genius and he is pushing the human race forward. If he can establish a colony on Mars, a mining operation in the asteroid belt, and an industrial empire stretching from here to the edge of the solar system, more power to him. If he becomes the world’s first trillionaire while doing it, well, I think his taxes should go up but kudos anyway, he will have earned it.
(surprising side note, I get a squiggly red line under the word ‘trillionaire.’ That’s not in the dictionary. Some day I’m sure it will be and this indicates a tremendous lack of foresight and imagination on the part of Merriam-Webster.)
On the other hand, I want the benefits of space to fall equally on all of the human race, and that is not likely to happen. We’ll get the trickle down benefits, like Teflon, Tang, and mobile phones.
Main thing is, though, despite my cynicism, the launch went perfectly, the two astronauts are nothing but brilliant and courageous, and I wish them success with the rest of the mission.

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