Poem of the Day

I just wrote a little poem, in a response to a comment on one of my poetry groups, and it’s a comment you see on these groups all the time, it’s as if we’ve run out of original things to say and keep saying the same things over and over again, spinning our wheels in the deep mud along that banks of that slow moving swamp we call the stream of consciousness.
It was all about how you see so little in-depth conversation, and a lot of real shallow commentary, on poetry sites.
Well, now, having written it, I realize it doesn’t just apply to poetry, but to the shallowness of social media in general.
Anyway, FWIW, here it is:

Though some of us
would like to have
a deeper conversation
We are here
on Facebook
and thus, the situation
is that anyone
at all can add
their own evaluation
which often is
quite shallow
by some others’ estimation
random sniping
petty shit
aggressive conversation
all make it
very difficult
for any communication
which would
enlighten us, or even
give us inspiration
it is true
that we could use
a bit of moderation
a way to block
the crap, a better
system of filtration
but censorship,
of course, is seen
as an abomination

so, where do we
draw the line, and how
that is my question

To answer,
simply hit reply
and leave me your suggestions

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