When Will We See a Change?

Police (and soldiers – for the sake of the argument I’m about to make, they are in the same category) beating the hell out of protesters is nothing new in our history. People were killed in mining strikes. Roman soldiers beat the hell out of Palestinian protesters (at that time, Jews counted as Palestinians, too) all the time, and tortured them horribly. Jesus was just one among many, as George Floyd is just one among many.
It goes as far back in human history as there is human history, and farther. We can see from observing other primates that the biggest, strongest male is usually the leader of the tribe, because he can kill anybody who messes with him. This is deeply embedded in our DNA, and it explains America perfectly.
It doesn’t justify. It explains.
We have, of course, the technology, the manpower and the natural resources to create a world where all people (up to 10 or 12 billion or so, there is an upper limit because of limited space and resources) could have a nice home, everybody could have plenty to eat, water to drink, to bathe in, to swim in, to irrigate crops, to spray heavenward in beautiful fountains, enriching the oxygen and forming rainbows, and to give everybody brilliant, cradle to grave educational opportunities. There would be no need for war, or social discontent. We have a worldwide communication system, we have smart people, we have robots, we could do this without even breaking a sweat.
But some people don’t want to, and they rule the world, and they pay people to beat the hell out of anybody who objects, and so the cycle continues.
We need to evolve, and we need to do it before we destroy the entire planet. Apparently, it’s not going to be easy.

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