How Hard Can it Be?

Kamala Harris, whose presidential campaign imploded after the 1st debate (or maybe it was the 2nd) when Tulsi Gabbard called her out for having been a horrible, evil attorney general who let killer cops skate and tried to block evidence that exonerated a man who was on death row, because just being innocent is no reason to let somebody out of jail, said something extremely stupid on “The View” today.
Of course, if you’re going to say something stupid, The View is the place to say it. None of the panelists are smart enough to know when somebody is saying something stupid, so she’ll probably get away with it.
What she said was that it would be very difficult to get a conviction against Derek Chauvin. There is video of the incident, there were lots of witnesses, plenty of whom told him he was killing George Floyd and that he should take his knee off his neck. Even one of the other officers suggested maybe changing position and, since they are being tried separately, that might well come up. Also, Chauvin has a long list of complaints about violence, including one previous killing.
Getting a conviction should be the easiest thing in the world. Pretty much everybody in an American prison today is there on less evidence. The murder was recorded. You don’t get more evidence than that.
To be fair, her full statement was “It will be difficult to get a conviction because people tend to believe cops.” Has she not been paying attention for the last week? Nobody believes cops any more. And nobody believes Kamala Harris. Except, probably, for the ladies on The View. Who, I believe I mentioned, are all stupid.

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